1. Loose Threads

From the album Loose Threads

Guitar & vocals by Tim Sincere

Written & produced by Tim Sincere


She’s seen the world ‘round twice
She’s the girl with a thousand guys
She’s a girl in a million beds
But she’s stitching up all her loose threads

He knows he’s taking chances
And she’s watching his advances
As they wander up the stairs
It’s a deaf game of musical chairs

She sighs as she gets older
And he cries as he gets colder
As they’re dining out tonight
He finds she’s lost her appetite

Her pretty painted face
Is no match for the men she takes
And she’s throwing caution to the rest
It’s safety first and second best

How can she be so unhappy?
Will she find it or was it lost along the way?
How can she laugh when her heart is crying?
All she can say is “Someday my prince will come”

She takes him by the hand
Is this love or a one-night stand
As she’s undressing in the dark
With a man set to make his mark

She kisses him goodbye
Inside she starts to cry
Remembering all those times
Of seaside and nursery rhymes