From the album Never Gonna Change

Vocals & acoustic guitar - Tim Sincere
Electric guitar - Justin Burrows
Backing vocals - Kelly Buckler

Written & produced by Tim Sincere
Recorded in Trapdoor Studio, Santa Cruz, California


She said, "It’s never gonna change"
And I believed her 'til the whole thing fell apart
I knew it would never be the same
And that’s about as much as I’m willing to get into tonight

Now every girl in town wears the same dress as you
Every song I sing reminds me of you
And my head’s in a place I just don’t wanna be
And I’m sorry for feeling sorry for me

We had a different set of plans
Mine were long and hers were kinda short
All this is gonna make me cry
'Cause I’m sitting in my basement all alone on the 4th of July