Vocals & guitars - Tim Sincere
Bass guitar & percussion - Laura Strange
Backing vocals - Rachael Williams

Written by Tim Sincere
Produced by Tim Sincere & Laura Strange
Recorded in Trapdoor Studio, Santa Cruz, California

Years ago, I worked for a small company in South West London that manufactured studio audio mixing desks. There were 12 employees, including the owner. I worked with 3 guys, assembling the mixers, there were 4 women soldering the components into the printed circuit boards, a designer, a tester, and a very attractive young secretary who worked for the boss. She had to walk through the factory to get to her office, and the rest is in the song.
One of my favorite parts in this recording is at 1:54. The lyric says, "Her work ain't finished at a quarter to five...", and Rachael sings a harmony that sounds like a factory whistle blowing, letting the workers know it's time to quit for the day. :-)
Also, for all you trivia fans, it's in good company with a relatively short list of songs where the title is only sung once, as the very last line in the song.
Here's some of my favorites from the list:
Virginia Plain - Roxy Music
Up The Junction - Squeeze
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Greetings To The New Brunette - Billy Bragg
Nameless, Faceless - Courtney Barnett
Oh, and... it doesn't have a chorus or a bridge!


She works hard at her desk all day
She ain't got time to look towards her holiday
The office is tidy and her mind is clean
As she flicks through pages of her magazine
She stirs her coffee with meticulous care
Wears a lipstick smile as she combs her hair

Her boss is late; it's a quarter to ten
She says "Good Morning, sir", picks up a paper and pen
He's had a hard night with a business gent
And his expense account has nearly all been spent
She takes down a letter - types out a receipt
His figures don't tally but she must be discreet

She wears knee length dresses and sensible shoes
‘Cause after all she's got her reputation to lose
The women from the factory talk behind her back
Her good looks and beauty they sadly lack
But she knows it and she shows it when she passes them by
She's a modern girl. Holds her head up high

Her work ain't finished at a quarter to five
She's gotta catch the post and phone the boss's wife
As she leaves he passes her her monthly cheque
She gets the 88 red bus to Tooting Bec
When she gets home she's got to make Terry's tea
She's a sensible suburban secretary