One More Casualty - Released

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Vocals & acoustic guitar - Tim Sincere 
Electric guitar - Neil Bagley 
Bass guitar - Brian Potter 
Backing vocals & tambourine - Sal Comerford 
Written & produced by Tim Sincere 
Engineered & mixed by George Anderson 
Recorded in Farmhouse Studio, London

Story Behind The Song 
The first time I visited the USA, I stayed at the Everett Hotel in Portland, Maine. I was on a limited budget, and so when I saw the sign in the window that said, "Single room. Single bed. Black and white TV. $30 a night.", I knew I was in the right place.  ;-)

Half a dozen girls and twenty songs 
Old bus ticket, old guitar 
Too many lonely nights and cigarettes 
Broken life and busted car 

How many teardrops? How many heartaches? 
How long before I get it right? 

I get through women like I'm drinking beer 
First it’s here and then it’s gone 
Don’t leave no aftertaste, no aching head 
Another girl, another song 

Is there room for one more casualty? 
Checking in at Hotel Misery 
Single room. Single bed. Black and white TV 
Is there room for one more casualty?