Tim Sincere  is a songwriter rooted in classic English pop. 

Born in the leafy suburbs of South West London, Tim was inspired to learn a few guitar chords after seeing  the original English punk bands, and was soon writing songs and performing on the London pub circuit with his own 3-piece punk band, The Optics. 

 The Optics played for a few years, built up a solid local following, but just when things were looking really promising, they decided to go their separate ways. 

The Optics

The Optics


Tim bought a 4-track tape recorder and spent the next couple of years writing and recording, literally hundreds of songs.

He attracted the attention of Bill Wellings, a music industry veteran who made his fortune producing covers of original songs from the charts in the 60's and 70's. He sold tens of millions of LPs.

Bill had created the brand Hot Hits! which sold its records mostly through the now defunct Woolworths stores in the UK.

He was impressed with Tim's songs, but not so much with his singing, and after hearing similar comments from his heavyweight record industry buddies, he decided to sign Tim to a publishing deal. 

They almost hit an instant home run when English ska band, Madness wanted to record one of Tim's songs for their next single. Although mostly unknown in the US, Madness were huge in the UK and hold the record for most weeks (214) spent by a group in the 1980s UK singles charts. (An amazing achievement considering they split up in 1986!) Unfortunately for Tim, Madness ended up recording a Labi Siffre song, It Must Be Love, which went to number 4 in the UK charts.  

One of Tim's songs was selected for consideration to represent England in the Eurovision Song Contest but didn't make the final cut.  

Tim moved to the US in 1990 and lives in Santa Cruz, California, where he is a local favorite and performs frequently on the lively music scene. He writes and records in Trapdoor Studio.  

Tim is a member of BMI, and his songs are available on all major platforms.  

Please contact Tim to say hello, to check out his music, and sign up to his mailing list.

Tim Sincere

Tim Sincere